Back from the South

Iris japonica 'Wuhan Angel'

I drove in late last night from my trip to North Carolina (for plants at Plant Delights Nursery) and for baseball inspiration in Florida.  Both parts were very successful.  I brought back three tubs of plants including the lovely Wuhan Angel shown above.

Tub of Plant Delights

I had great time at the Plant Delights Open House and spent four hours going through the stock they had put out for sale.  I brought back more than enough to keep me busy once spring planting is possible.  The new plants included several Trilliums including this Yellow Trillium.

Yellow Trillium (Trillium luteum)

Outside we had had torrential rains and flooding so things had not gotten too far past where I left them a week ago.  I did find that the beautiful Adonis had clearly added additional buds.

More buds opening on the Adonis amurensis 'Fukujukai'

But even better was finding the initial opening bud on it’s rarer companion

Opening bud of Adonis amurensis 'Sandansaki'

and noting that there is an Adonis-like sprout showing up about 6 inches away from this flower.  So maybe a runner, or did I plant another one as well.  We shall have to be more patient than is our wont….

Many more Crocus were showing all over the lawn and the first two Daffodils have flowered on the hillside.  More surprising was to see an old Scilla planting (no idea of the variety) already in bloom in a very shady spot to the front of the house.


And the Helleborus are starting to open in many spots around the yard.


I’ll have to check which variety this one is when I get back on Monday.  We’re off for the weekend to the Philadelphia Flower show — more on that in the next posting…

One comment on “Back from the South

  1. AmyO

    I went to the PDN Open House too! It was my first time there and I had so much fun and bought so many wonderful treasures including 3 Trillium! I took so many pictures and plan to go back next spring!