Every Year They Multiply

Crocus multiplying

As I made my last walkabout before heading down to spring training for a week (Go Orioles!), I couldn’t help noticing how some of the plants just continue to multiply through good years and bad.  The little species crocus don’t always get started (squirrels probably) but when they do I see them making little clumps of flowers where I originally planted just one.  My original planting method was to mix them all up like bags of jellybeans but now I prefer a swath of one kind of crocus.  So in a way nature is beginning to make its own mini-swaths in the grass.

I can also go back and look at the original daffodils that we planted on a treeless hillside 35 years ago.

Very Old Stand of Daffodils

While there is not a one to one correspondence between years and numbers of daffodils you have to note that these daffodils now sit under a towering oak and multiple smaller flowering trees.  No one has ever imagined dividing these bulbs since they still put out a respectable number of flowers.  I’m sure a more attentive gardener would have dug and replanted these frequently but there are areas of the garden where I just like to let nature take its course.

Speaking of multiplying I was very pleased to see that the Adonis I mentioned previously has multiple buds (at least 3 more) following the first pretty flower.

Multiple buds on Adonis

This implies to me that it not only survived its first winter but it’s actually happy!  The only source that I know of for Adonis now that Asiatica has closed its doors is Fraser’s Thimble Farms.  They are located in Canada but they will ship to the U.S.

And alongside the Adonis I see what may be (if the label is to be believed) the first emergence of the Chilean Blue Crocus.

Possible Chilean Blue Crocus

I was so enamored with this flower last year that I planted two more (they are not cheap).  Of course since I planted two more I won’t know whether I had any successful wintering over until I can count 3 of them.

One of the other games at this time of year is trying to recall what it is I planted and where.  Some of the bulbs look remarkably similar when they are just starting out.  For instance, I wonder what this one is.

Whatwillthisbe Bulb

All such questions will be answered very soon.  In the meantime I’m now in North Carolina, on my way to Florida.  The Maples were getting red buds and the daffodils were blooming as I drove through Virginia.  And down here in Garner I see Cherries in bloom.  Tomorrow I intend to visit the Plant Delights Nursery Open House and see what treasures I can take away.

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