Spring is here (well at least the Adonis is)

Adonis amurensis at an early stage

Adonis amurensis at an early stage

Well, there is still plenty of snow covering up a lot of the yard, but where the snow is melted the Adonis is making up for lost time.  It took only one day with the snow cover gone for the Adonis to spread it’s colorful flowers out to the sun.  The other side of the yard only lost its snow cover today and yet another Adonis clump is getting a quick jump on the springtime.

Adonis amurensis 'Fukujukai' opening up

Adonis amurensis ‘Fukujukai’ opening up

While it is hard to find fault with these little treasures, I was more than a little surprised to see that the multiple buds of the single flowered Adonis amurensis that I show at the top appeared exactly where for the last 4 or 5 years I’ve had Adonis amurensis ‘Sandansaki’.  This truly puzzles me because I don’t remember mixing in the species with the rare Sandansaki.  And the latter was actually spreading last year.  Maybe the Sandansaki just hasn’t shown up yet but it’s always been early in the past…

It is good to see the snow melting like crazy but there is quite a bit more to go before I can really go seeking signs of spring… 🙂