Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day March 2021

Helleborus in profusion

Well there has been an explosion of flowers over the last two weeks.  We are back to a more wintry cold and windy day today, but we have had some stunning sunny days which have moved us well into Spring.  Perhaps nothing captures the change for Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day so much as the Hellebores.  The variety of shapes, sizes, and colors is remarkable.  Here are a few examples

Helleborus ‘Kingston Cardinal’

Helleborus Ice N’ Roses Red

Hellebore white/pink double

Helleborus x lemonnierae ‘Walberton’s Rosemary’

A little plant of Helleborus thibetanus is not to be missed.

Helleborus thibetanus

The Camellias are all in fat bud or flowering at the moment.

Double Pink Camellia japonica

It’s also the time for the daffodils to begin all over our hillside.  One of the pleasures of each year are the small clumps in the woods.

Narcissus ‘Little Gem’

Also in the woods are couple nice Scilla that are fun to come upon.

White Squill in the woods

Scilla bifolia ‘Rosea’

Like the Daffodils they are not bothered by the animals and are gradually expanding.

There are a number of Iris histroides in flower now.

Iris histroides ‘Major’

Iris histroides ‘Finio’

This last is a new addition from Odyssey Bulbs.

The cyclamen coum have been a real pleasure this year.  We had never had spring cyclamen before.

Cyclamen coum

The first of the Hepaticas is out in bloom.

Hepatica x media

The first Glory of the Snow are also making their appearance

Chionodoxa forbesii ‘Pink Giant’

They run wild in our pasture and there will be many more on the way.

Back in the alpine area I was pleased to see the Dionysia make a very early appearance

Dionysia involucrata

In the same trough is a Saxifrage that is not far behind.

Saxifraga ‘Valerie Keevil’

On the sunny side of the alpine beds the Draba hispanica is moving rapidly through flowering

Draba hispanica

Right next to the Draba the Aubrieta is beginning to flower with many buds visible as well.

Aubrieta ‘Royal Red’

And the small Asphodelus that I acquired from John Lonsdale is coming into flower as well.

Asphodelus acaulis

And in the greenhouse there are rampant pleasures as the plants imagine that we live in the tropics.Amaryllis Green-Red

Scilla peruviana

Lachenalia unicolor

And then finally a spectacular Ferraria

Ferraria crispa






5 comments on “Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day March 2021

  1. chavli

    So many irresistible Hellebore varieties… I find there is always room for one more.
    Close-ups of your Hepatica blooms take my breath away, and the trough alpine bed is a favorite part of your garden: a microcosm in miniature; so cool.

    1. jw

      One of those Hellebore varieties (Ice N’ Roses) is particular striking for the glossy green leaves which, unlike most of the Hellebores, look like they will be just fine if the leaves are left in place. I’ll have to share images of my son’s Hepaticas at some point. He grows them in a cold frame where they are flowering in profusion.

  2. Ray

    Thanks for introducing me to Asphodelus acaulis. Never heard of this before as I am always looking for some different spring blooming perennials.

    1. jw

      The thanks should go to John Lonsdale at Edgewood Gardens who is propagating this variety. The common Asphodel is almost a weed in some areas whereas this one is quite special.

  3. Frank

    Wow, not bad at all. The hellebores really are remarkable, and the alpines and your visit to the tropics really rounded out the tour! Love the asphodelus