Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day December 2019

Camellia sasanqua hybrid

Well this GBBD posting is almost like an advertisement for camellias.  The winter has been very mild so far and not only are the fall camellias doing what they are supposed to do, but the spring camellias are getting into the act too.

Fall Camellia white

Red Fall Camellia

Red Spring Camellia starting to bloom

In addition I found this morning, for the first time, a bloom on a camellia japonica x sasanqua hybrid that we have been growing for several years.

Camellia x ‘Yume’

There aren’t a lot of other flowers out for December so the camellias really steal the show.  Here are few things I noticed.

Euphorbia still in bloom

Mahonia ‘Soft Caress’

Japanese Quince

The greenhouse has a few things to put forward besides the oxalis which continue to bloom

Freesia fucata

And the very first narcissus of the season

Narcissus catabricus ‘Silver Palace’

4 comments on “Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day December 2019

  1. Lisa

    Wow, mid December and you have quince and freesia! Freesia is one of my favorite bulbs. My mother had so many camellia bushes along the side of the house. The current owner tore them out.

  2. Anna K

    Wow – that’s a lot of Camellias! To see your Quince makes me think your winter has been on the mild side – just like ours. I have some unlikely bloomers in my garden too.

  3. Arun Goyal

    Beautiful Camellia blooms,quite pretty colored freesias ,Freesias are great beauty in our region for spring show only drawback in growing them is there pungent annoying odor ,Happy Garden Bloggers blooms day.

  4. Lea's Menagerie

    Love those camellias!
    Have a great week!