Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day February 2019

Moraea elegans

I thought I would start this Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day post with a bright and cheerful Moraea from the greenhouse.  This is one of the prettiest bulbs in existence.  It flowers for only a short time, so I was glad to catch it just as it opened.  It’s also been reclassified as Homeria where it becomes a noxious weed according to the USDA.  Since it’s hard to keep growing even in cultivation it’s hard to understand how it earned that distinction.

Nearby is a little scilla from Syria

Scilla cilicica

Like many of the small squills, this one has startling dark purple anthers

Outside the greenhouse the world has a few flowers but mostly it’s all in anticipation of things to come after the ice and snow of the last week.

In particular the snowdrops have been doing their part.

Galanthus elwesii

Galanthus nivalis f. pleniflorus ‘Blewbury Tart’

And the Winter Aconite are just beginning to appear. 

Winter Aconiter (Eranthis hyemalis)

but most of the rest are playing a waiting game

Adonis ‘Fukujukai’ waiting in the wings

Adonis ‘Fukujukai’

Paonia caucasica in bud

Pictures of trees and shrubs show why the flowers are not in a big hurry yet.

American Holly

Dwarf Cryptomeria covered in ice

I think it’s fair to guess that by this time next month we will be covered in flowers.

3 comments on “Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day February 2019

  1. Lee@A Guide to Northeastern. Gardening

    Your Moraea is beautiful and it’s nice to see some signs of spring in your garden. Snowdrops in the wintertime and the red stems of peony emerging are always a welcomed sight. Happy Bloom Day!

  2. Shelly Wilkinson

    The Moraea elegans is such a unique, beautiful flower! And I love that Galanthus Blewbury Tart! What a cool variety!

  3. Lea's Menagerie

    That first plant is a real beauty! Love the Snowdrops!
    Hope you are having a great weekend!