Go See the Originals in Turkey


Chionodoxa forbesii 'Pink Giant'

Chionodoxa forbesii 'Pink Giant'

At this season we are surrounded by many bulbs which, like Tulips, have there origin in Turkey.  I couldn’t help salivating at a botanically oriented trip to Turkey taking place next month with Ketzel Levine, former NPR garden spokesperson.  We spoke to Holly Chase this week and the tour of Turkey’s natural and historical splendors sounds fascinating.  Especially with an expert enthusiast like, Ketzel Levine.  There are apparently still a couple of spots open as of this AM.

5 comments on “Go See the Originals in Turkey

  1. june willis

    WHY NOT!!!!!!!!!

    1. jw

      Well, that’s a good question that I have posed to my constant companion… 🙂

  2. MacWillis of Arabia

    I see she also has/had a tour to western Turkey. The area around Aphrodisias is absolutely beautiful. The wildflowers reminded me of southern California, bright and vivid, draped in back-drop of dark green.

    Go Go Go. Don’t hesitate.

  3. Holly Chase

    Dear Willis Efendi ( as we’d say in Ottoman Turkish)

    VERY kind of you to let your followers know about this…

    If you’ll permit me, I’d like to tell anyone reading this that the tour of Western Anatolia and Cappadocia
    ( the page on my site that features a photo of Aphrodisias amidst spring blooms) is just one of the many programs we’ll will happily customize for anyone.

    In other words, although we would be love to have you join us to stalk anemones and asphodels with Ketzel this spring, if that’s not in your cards, don’t despair. You can plan something– for DATES of your choosing, with your selected COMPANIONS — and we’ll accommodate you.

    Most of our guests are people who do plan their own itineraries– be they a couple or an entire alumni group. We provide suggestions, but are always open to tailoring programs to special interests. You’ll see that we do archeological sailboat charters and gastronomic tours; our clients range from back-packers to those who want hot-air balloons and LearJets.

    In Turkey, something is always being planted, harvested, or served with a wedge of lemon. No matter when you come, you’ll have plenty to enjoy.

    Thanks, John & Beth—

    Holly (at) hollychase (dot) com & Holly (at) almostitalian (dot) com

  4. Jan (ThanksFor2Day)

    Ahh, what an opportunity. I hope you will be able to make the trip. If my husband were retired and our son was a bit older, it might be something to think about but, life has a way of interferring with these cultural & educational moments!! It sounds amazing;-)