Blasting through Spring

Rhododendron carolianum

Our weather has been so anomalously warm this year that we have blasted through springtime.  Many things are two to three weeks ahead of time, and worse yet, going so fast that it’s hard to fully relish them.  The daffodils are declining and the Rhododendron shown above is already finished.  We usually expect many weeks of daffodils from start to finish but this year we are getting them all at once.  We have been picking baskets of daffodils from the woods and hillside and bringing them inside for close enjoyment.

Hillside daffodils

Daffodil trio

Once inside the daffodils are providing the mainstay of flowers for inside viewing and fragrance.  Beth spends a good deal of time arranging the flowers all over the house.

Dining room table


Piano room


Camellia in the Kitchen

Orchid in the kitchen


On the Mantel

On the Divider

Downstairs Bath

Upstairs bath

One comment on “Blasting through Spring

  1. Randy

    Looks like Beth has been busy making good use of all those flowers. Sweet hellebores and I did not know you had camellias.