Washington Gardener Magazine Photo Contest

Saturday afternoon found me at Brookside Gardens in Rockville, Maryland at the seed exchange sponsored by Washington Gardener’s Magazine.  I was there not for the seed exchange but for the results of the photo contest which I had entered a few weeks ago.  The challenge was to submit your best pictures from 2011 in four categories with the resultant winners to be published in the magazine.  As it turned out I won first place in the Garden Vignette category for my photo of an illuminated watering can

Watering Can First Prize Winner

And in addition I picked up an honorable mention in the Garden Creatures category for my photo of a blue-winged wasp from last July.

Blue-winged Wasp Honorable Mention

Actually the most rewarding part was reviewing all my gardening pictures for the year and thereby whetting my appetite for all those flowers and associated creatures that will be arriving in 2012.  In addition to appearing in the magazine the photos will also be on display in Silver Spring for a couple of months and I’ll share that information when it becomes available.

I took advantage of the trip down Rockville to do a little garden exploring at Brookside.  They have a lot of snowdrops in bloom right now (some in an interesting green and white ivy) and a few early daffodils.  Unfortunately they still have a lot of trees and bushes wrapped in Christmas lights which detracts from wanting to photograph the winter forms of the bushes and trees.  However, I did see a lovely little Japanese Flowering Apricot in bloom.

Japanese Flowering Apricot (Prunus mume) 'Kobai'

The flowers are small but very pretty up close.  There was also a spectacular hybrid Witchhazel with vivid orange coloring to the petals.

Witchhazel (Hamamelis x intermedia) 'Orange Peel'

As I walked around this small (about 50 acres) but well cared for garden I was reminded once again how much this is a community garden, one which strives to inspire and be a part of the surrounding neighborhood.  There are many walkers and joggers who look like they use the garden on a regular basis.  And for those of us who are less often there, the pathways and views provide ample reason to return again…

Brookside Gardens


5 comments on “Washington Gardener Magazine Photo Contest

  1. Randy

    Congrads on winning first place, awesome photo!! The last photo is also one to be proud of, very serene.

  2. Crystal

    Congratulations on your awards. Your photos are awesome. An inspiration to us all.

  3. Les

    Congratulations! Fabulous prizes? Or is fame and recognition its own reward.

  4. Melissa Clark

    Congratulations, John! Hope the framing guidelines let your photo be shown properly (when I was a second place winner a couple of years ago I was disappointed in how minimalist the requirements are – the photos didn’t show well on display, in my opinion at least). Anyway, I’m glad to hear about this – you should share it for the next Lens & Eye.