The Birds are Coming

Yellow-rumped Warbler

We’ve reached that time of the year when one can start to look for new and different birds to show up in the garden.  Even knowing that I was very surprised to see a Wild Turkey in the pasture last week.  It flew off so fast that I only got a blurry picture as it headed for the trees.  I had seen him in the woods just a few days earlier so maybe we have a new resident.  It is a big bird when you see it take off.  However, it’s not as big as the Great Blue Heron that flew across the garden just a about 15 feet off the ground and maybe 25 feet away from me.  Think of someone you know turned sideways and slowly moving across your view.  It was startling as the bird gained momentum in front of me.

Later in the same day a little Ruby-crowned Kinglet came by to announce that spring was officially well under way.

Ruby-crowned Kinglet female

I also saw a female Twohee which was a first for me.

Eastern Towhee female

Today we took a little hike at Worthington Farm in the Monocacy Battlefield National Park to look at the fading Bluebells.  My ulterior motive was to see what birds might be out as well. I was rewarded by two Warblers down near the river.

Yellow-rumped Warbler

Palm Warbler

There may be more warblers in that area so I need to return.

The bluebells were pretty much done but we did see Star of Bethlehem and Spring Beauties to extend the hike to the horticultural side as well.

Ornithagalum nutans

Pink Spring Beauties (Claytonia virginica)

2 comments on “The Birds are Coming

  1. Randy

    Looking forward to more photos of the birds, these are nice.
    The birds are on the way there. I have been hearing Parulas, Black-throated Greens and lots of vireos. Last Thursday I heard my first Wood Thrush.

  2. Jan@Thanks for today.

    With as many bird varieties I am fortunate to have visit my garden, I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of those. I never got back to you about your comment about my water garden. Yes, it is a recycling stream/waterfall. Also, I haven’t yet posted about my trip to Carolyn’s Shade Gardens. You plan to go in June, right? I hope you will have a great time and by that time Chanticleer should have loads of pretty summery blooms. I really enjoyed visiting Chanticleer for the first time…I can see why you like to go there;-)