Daily Satisfactions

Tulip Monte Carlo and Iris bucharica

On Saturday night we were beset by fearsome winds and rain and at one point decided to check out the latest weather forecast.  You will appreciate that we don’t watch television all that much so that at first we struggled to find a weather show.  But then the emergency broadcasting alert came on with a tornado warning and told us to get our little fannies down into the basement forthwith, and so we did.  I’m usually pretty slow to react to such things but when it’s dark outside you really don’t know what’s coming.  As it turns out the worst part of the storm passed through pretty quickly though it did dump a lot of water in the area.   The next day we learned that a tornado had touched down just 15 miles away.  We definitely dodged a bullet.  The next day was sunny and delightful.  We went off to our favorite local nursery (Thanksgiving Farms) and stocked up on far too many plants which we spent the rest of the day planting.  I think it must be a measure of the improving quality of our soil that we could plant despite the inches of rain the night before.  Anyway, by the end of the day we had reached the point of exhausted enjoyment of what was planted (both the days work and the older plantings like the Iris and Tulips above) and Beth proposed a few moments of wine and contemplation in our proverbial red adirondack chairs that overlook the pasture.  As we sat down two herons flew across the sky in acknowledgement of the season.  We could look out over a gorgeous skyline and hear the sounds the birds from all sides.  The ear filters out the extraneous noises like traffic and planes on such occasions and lets in only the soul satisfying sounds of the season.

We picked some more daffodils and brought them inside where Beth distributed them as is her wont.  Here is the current state of the household…

Daffodils on the kitchen counter

Daffodils on the sideboard

Daffodils on the mantle

More Daffodils on the mantle

Daffodils at the entryway

Daffodils in the meditation room

Daffodils in the Bathroom

Daffodils in the Bedroom

Daffodils for Easter...

Guests sometimes think that we set up the flower arrangements just for their visits.  But the flowers are always present.  It’s just the guests that are noteworthy additions to the household…

One comment on “Daily Satisfactions

  1. Randy


    Moving the crested iris into the woods is good. We have lots of it in the woods around here. It grows in shade but might not bloom if it does not get at least 4-6 hours of sun light. Ours in is a small woodland clearing.
    BTW jealous of all these daffodil vases.