The Special Atmosphere of a Place

This month’s Picture This challenge from Gardening Gone Wild is to illustrate the Genius Loci — The Special Atmosphere of a Place.  The judge, Andrea Jones, asks that we share our special place in a photograph that illustrates why it’s special.

We’ve been fortunate to see many of the great garden scenes that she illustrates with her pictures.  And while I have pictures from our tours in the U.S. and abroad, I thought it would be more appropriate to stick closer to home.  When we moved here the pasture that we inherited had no trees at all.  There was a small patch of woods that were entirely Scotch Pines that have long since died off.  All the landscape that we have was created slowly over 36 years and so there are a lot of aspects of our hill on Ball Rd that our special to me.  But I notice in reviewing our photos that one area stands out in recent years.  Behind the garage is a hillside that drops off into pasture in front of a line of tall White Pines that were planted during our first spring here.

Daffodils on Hillside

This is where we see the Daffodils in the springtime.  It’s also where the wildflowers are planted for the summertime.

Hillside Wildflowers

It’s where we have put two bright red adirondack chairs as a place to have a glass of wine as the day winds down.  Often there is a sunset to be seen from this hillside.

Red Chairs at Sunset

The pasture provides extended interest with the various grasses that grow up over the season interlaced with wildflowers.

Orchard Grass

But this special place also creates it’s own atmosphere come wintertime.  The Red Chairs against the snow with the White Pines in the background presents a holiday atmosphere that shows that gardens are not limited to the time of flowers.

The photo that seemed to me to best capture this special place came after a snowstorm just as the light was fading from the day and this is my submission for the February Gardening Gone Wild Challenge.

Late Afternoon Light

11 comments on “The Special Atmosphere of a Place

  1. landscapelover

    What a lovely spot – and a stunning image. It is so much more appropriate to the time of year than many of the entries (including mine!) and the light is just gorgeous. Good luck.

  2. Donna

    Mac, I really like the lighting in your entry. I know I am partial to snow scenes, but this really is a gorgeous photo.

  3. Les

    That is a good choice for your entry, the light is great. Though with the snow it looks more Montana than Maryland.

  4. ESP

    Stunning picture, great light quality, such a pristine scene! Great shot and good luck in the competition.

  5. ESP

    Oh, and I forgot to say…this needs to be a Christmas postcard for next year!

    1. jw

      Ah, you read my mind. But first I have to actually get it together for sending Christmas Cards. Still delinquent for this year..

  6. Les

    Congratulations on well-deserved win!

  7. Cat

    Congratulations! This is a stunning shot!

  8. ESP

    Congratulations on the GGW gold…well deserved. Now you HAVE to get it together and prepare this image for next years festive season 🙂
    I would approach Hallmark with it?
    Well done.

  9. Cathy

    Every photograph you’ve posted here of this wonderful spot is exquisite. I second ESP’s suggestion. The entire series would make a lovely set of note cards. What a perfect place to read, meditate, picnic or just sit and hold hands!

  10. Cathy

    Oh Gosh, I was so focused on the series of pictures, I forgot to add my hearty congratulations as well!