Asiatic Lily 'Blackout'

Well the title of this post might be referring to the news blackout from this site since I’ve been so delinquent in posting, but actually it’s the exceptional lily shown above.  This came as a gift from the kids last year and it has rapidly become a highlight in the two garden spots where it’s planted.  The color just jumps out and the bulbs seem to be spreading fast.

Blackout lilies against the roses

My only excuse for not posting more is the way all the plants and weeds insist on growing whenever we take a trip.  Just playing catch up has been taking a lot of time.  I think that once we get into the harvest mode that’s one more thing that takes a lot of time from the gardening staff (mainly me).

Blueberries ripening up

This has been such a strange season.  I don’t remember strawberries, cherries, and blueberries all coming in at the same time before.  We had a great strawberry crop lasting over 5 weeks and just now coming to an end.  The snowpeas and sugar peas have been equally abundant, leading to a heavy concentration of peas in every meal.  And now the blueberries are doing their thing forcing us to stock up on ice cream and yoghurt.

There are so many gardening items that I meant to comment on but which will now have to wait for future consideration.  Worth mentioning is that we have somehow acquired a beautiful white azalea which is much, much later than our more common types.

White Azalea is striking

This one has amazingly large flowers, as big as I have seen on an azalea.

Late flowering White Azalea

Another planting worthy of note comes from seeds obtained as a part of the American Horticultural Society Seed Exchange last year.  I dutifully planted out the Digitalis thapsi seedlings not knowing quite what to expect.

Foxglove (Digitalis thapsi) 'Spanish Peaks'

It turns out to be a lovely compact Foxglove which plays well with others in the perennial gardens.  To my mind it’s a bit nicer than the larger and more common Foxgloves.

Foxglove 'Spanish Peaks' in the garden

Highly recommended!  I especially liked this image that I grabbed with my iPhone that shows how the pink flowers and yellow buds combine in the same plant.

Foxglove 'Spanish Peak