Thinking Green

Green center of the Adonis amurensis 'Sandansaki'

The Gardening Gone Wild photo contest for April has the theme ‘Green World’ in which the judge, Rob Cardillo, has requested images where “the color green steps up and takes the spotlight for a change”.

As is often the case for these photo contests, one of the challenges is to sift through the various possibilities to come up with a single entry.  I was tempted by just the scene of our pin oak in the early morning light.

Pin Oak leaves emerging in the early morning light

Then there were the surprising seeds on the Chenmou Elm from the Easter visit to the National Arboretum.

Chenmou Elm seeds

The Euphorbias are interesting because they provide such a rich range of greenish colors, from reds to yellows.

Euphorbia polychroma 'Bonfire'

After all what does polychroma mean but ‘many colors’.

Another interesting green highlight is the Euphorbia hybrid ‘Blackbird’.

Euphorbia x 'Blackbird'

Similarly the epimediums offer a rich palette of greens, with some leaves showing splendid edge designs.

Epimedium grandiflorum 'Lilac Seedling' leaf

However in the end I selected for my entry a daffodil.  In this case it’s where the green is in place of yellow that makes all the difference.

Narcissus 'Arguros' with green and yellow cup

The green in the cup comes as a delightful surprise when you have been enjoying a host of more conventionally colored daffodils and it echos the green in the petals and the surrounding grasses to provide a very satisfying early morning encounter

4 comments on “Thinking Green

  1. Jan (Thanks For Today)

    I’m really intrigued by that Adonis amurensis ‘Sandansaki’–that’s so unusual (to me) and the green just pops! Your euphorbia is so green, too (I planted ‘Blackbird’) so it’s quite different than mine. As always, your photos are superb.

  2. Les

    Although I think you made the best choice, I really like the light coming through the pin oak.

  3. joco

    They are all very fine images in my view. Still, after R.Cardillo’s remark in the April summing up, that he saw so many brilliant images in our relevant posts, that hadn’t been submitted, makes one wonder ( and worry) a little. Maybe we ought to be given some help in our own selection process. This page would be a good one to start with, as you have such a tempting variety of images here.
    Just a thought.

    1. jw

      Well, I think you are right about the difficulty in choosing. I’m quite sure I don’t always choose the “correct” image, but it’s all for fun anyway…