Abundant Harvest

The monthly Picture This Photo Contest sponsored by Gardening Gone Wild has the theme Abundant Harvest.  I can’t say we currently have sufficient output from the vegetable garden to qualify for abundant harvest.  I could harvest all those Cosmos that I pictured in my previous post but that seems a bit wasteful — to pick all those flowers just for a photo op.  So instead, consistent with the GGW guidance, I explored some of our previous harvests.

I went through our many picking basket shots

One of many picking baskets

One of many picking baskets

and the various apple baskets

one of many apple baskets

one of many apple baskets

and the many flower bouquets

One of many flower bouquets

One of many flower bouquets

and even the wild wineberries that we harvest.

Wineberries grow wild in the White's forest

Wineberries grow wild in the White's forest

I even looked at the fiddlehead fern salad that we enjoyed in Boston

Fiddlehead fern Salad in Boston

Fiddlehead fern Salad in Boston

but I found nothing that so profoundly expressed the theme of Abundant Harvest as this image from the Lake Market in Calcutta.  This will be my submission to the October Photo Contest…

Vegetables at Lake Market, Calcutta

Vegetables at Lake Market, Calcutta

To fully appreciate this scene you have to understand that these vegetables arrive in the middle of the Calcutta metropolis from market gardens in the suburbs only by a difficult early morning journey (the traffic is incredible) and then they will all be sold that day (forget about refrigeration) for use later the same day.  While Calcutta may not be on everyone’s tour list for the first trip to India I guarantee that a visit to Lake Market will make you think carefully about what you have gained and what you have lost with the demise of the farm/market economy.  Most of the crop land around Calcutta is incredibly productive with as many as three crops a year.  We toured one farm that was about as big as our own 7 acres and it made us think twice to realize how many people were supported by the same quantity of land in the suburbs of populous Calcutta.

10 comments on “Abundant Harvest

  1. Noelle (azplantlady)


    I enjoyed looking at your many examples of your harvest. I think that I like the photo of the berries the best. You captured their vibrant color perfectly.

  2. joco

    Hello there,
    Deliciously beautiful. I would be spoilt for choice. The sunflower arrangement deserves a Van Gogh 😉

  3. Gary

    Great photographs….

    For those who have a large enough harvest, consider sharing some of it with your neighbors in need.

    People who need to use food banks/food pantries/food shelves to help feed their families (about 1 out of 8 Americans) almost never have the opportunity to get fresh produce.

    You can help… visit http://www.AmpleHarvest.org to find a neighborhood food pantry eager for your garden bounty.

    Help your community by reaching into your backyard instead of your back pocket.

  4. TexasDeb

    Great shot – great series in fact. I have to chime in with a second on the berries just for the color. Astoundingly beautiful. Totally agree with the market shot however in terms of the concept of “bounty”. Such painstaking arrangements. Thanks for sharing.

  5. mss @ Zanthan Gardens (Texas)

    The colors of those sunflowers are intensely gorgeous. I just spent the morning planting sunflowers but I don’t think I’ve ever had any come out as nice as yours. I feel inspired by your success.

  6. Rothschild Orchid

    Absolutely stunning photo’s. Good luck with the competition.

    RO 🙂

  7. Raji

    Great photos..very colorful berries..and the salad looks delicious..(what is fiddlehead fern?) Your choice for the contest truly represents ‘abundant harvest’

  8. Jean

    Oh my gosh, I love all of the photos. But I’d have to agree that nothing beats the concept of Abundant Harvest than the last one. Beautiful.

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  10. TexasDeb

    Congratulations on placing in the contest, MacGardens. I’d have to agree with the judge that your shot is of special merit. Hope to see a future photo of your prizes in bloom!