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Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day April 2022

One of many, many daffodils

It’s hard not to give credit to the daffodils for giving this spring a wonderful start on this Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day

Daffodils everywhere

There are flowers literally everywhere on our property right now.  Spring bulbs, flowering trees and wildflowers are making it a joy to walk about the yard.  The hellebores, like the daffodils are in full display-mode.

Helleborus ‘Double Flowered White’

The various Erythroniums are displaying their hanging flowers from pink to yellow to white.

Erythrronium revolutum ‘White Beauty’

The standard trout lilies have been fully in flower the past two weeks in the raised bed by the deck.

Erythronium americanum

However, the same plants in the woods have never flowered.  I transferred them years ago and they have propagated like mad but do not flower.  Apparently I’m not alone in this observation.

The main thing blooming in the woods at this point are the bluebells (Mertensia virginica)

Bluebells in the woods

Another wild flower is the Star of Bethlehem that is popping up in the lawn right now.  I should probably plan to move it to the woods where it can spread freely.

Ornithogalum nutans

Among the other things flowering right now are the double-flowered Japanese Quince, much bigger than normal quince flowers.

Double Flowered Japanese Quince

I noticed that the miracle pear tree is covered by flowers this year.

Pear ‘Twentieth Century’

Pear ‘Twentieth Century’ up close

We call it the miracle pear tree because it was completely flattened by a teenager’s car when it was young.  I was able to stake it up in place and it miraculously recovered.

A number of the plants flowering now stem from Illahe Nursery in Oregon.  Several Freesias, Watsonias, a Babiana, and the Iris shown below have been really strong growing beautiful plants.

Iris ‘Golden Beauty’

The Babiana has an unbelievable number of buds.

Babiana stricta ‘Dark Purple’

Well that’s a sampling from our hill on Ball Road.  Enjoy the Spring!