Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day August 2021

Naked Ladies in the Garden

It’s Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day for the middle of the summer.  Our garden is like many at this time of year.  Mostly annuals, crepe myrtles, and the last of the lilies dominate.

There are a few flowers worth noting.  The Cestrum ‘Orange Peel’ has returned from it’s winter dormancy and will bloom until late fall.

Cestrum ‘Orange Peel’

We have a lot of annuals in the picking garden as well as the glads and dahlias.

Annuals in the cutting garden especially Tithonia

Dahilia’s still abundant in the cutting garden

The annuals and shrub flowers are great for attracting insects and birds, many of them very photogenic.  I was struck by this little bluebird overlooking the garden.

Bluebird baby with attitude

The butterflies and other insects are striking.

Monarch on Tithonia

Bee on Tithonia

Swallowtail on Buddleia

Clearwing moth on Buddleia

August is also prime time for harvesting 

Music Garlic

Contender Peach

4 comments on “Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day August 2021

  1. Ray

    Love the lycoris. Hope I can grow that some day but it seems to disappear as it should in summer, then never come up again.

  2. Chavli

    Nice of the tiny bluebird to sit still while you snap a photo.
    Do you know the name of the Dahlia in the picture? I love dark-foliage Dahlias.

    1. jw

      Hi, I’m traveling at the moment, but I’ll check on the Dahlia when I get home.

    2. jw

      Well, I can’t be certain but I think it’s ‘Profundo’ which I bought from Brent and Becky’s in 2020. It does have nice dark stems.