And in Turkey there are Flowers


Tulips are indigenous to Turkey

Tulips are indigenous to Turkey

Well, we have decided to travel to Turkey this Fall.  Although I was keen on doing a horticultural trip to Turkey we have decided on an initial survey trip that will hit the touring highlights with a follow-on trip to look at wildflowers at some time in the future.  All of which leaves me still interested in following the adventures of Ketzel Levine, former NPR gardening guru who is leading a botanically minded tour of Turkey at this very moment.  She intends to update folks with regular posts as she travels.  This trip was originated by Holly Chase, an expert in Turkey travel arrangements.  She emailed me recently with a description of the Turkish spring awakening holiday of Hidrellez.  

Hidrelez from Holly Chase post

Hidrelez photo by Philip Salzman on Holly's website

It was a reminder of how universal is the desire to celebrate the rebirth of the plants and flowers at this time of year.  Particularly for gardeners who sense it right down to our grubby little fingers as we tuck seed and plants into the freshly turned soil.