Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day July 2019

Deep Red Daylily

Well the middle of July Bloom Day update is always highlighted by lilies, daylilies, and sunflowers.  They are the strength of the season.  We’ve just returned from a vacation and they are the first flowers I see.

Rich Golden Daylily

Light pink Lily

Lily ‘Stargazer’

Lily ‘Scheherazade’

Lily ‘Anastasia’

Anastasia is an Orienpet (cross between Oriental and Trumpet lilies) and it’s one of our favorites but it’s season is nearly done.  Two week ago it was sprawling across the fence row.

Lily ‘Anastasia’ coming into bloom at the end of June

Nearby are the crocosmia that are a long-lasting flower for July.

Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’

Out in the vegetable garden the sunflowers are reaching for the sky.

First Big Sunflower

Hybrid Sunflower

Also from the vegetable garden are the gladiolas that are now part of the inside decor.

Harvesting glads from the garden

A really unusual flower for July comes from the greenhouse.

Haemanthus humilis ssp. humilis

Haemanthus humilis ssp. humilis detail

This is a South African flower that I obtained from the Pacific Bulb Society.

I had this plant growing for 5 years before I got the first flower, but it is delightful.  During the 1-2 month dormant period it does a good imitation of a dead plant, so you have to have some patience.

Outside the world of flowers the redhaven peach is covered with peaches right now

Red-haven peaches

And the Kingbird is in command of the mulberry tree in the mornings.

Kingbird eating mulberries

That’s it for quick look at Ball Rd.  What is blooming in your garden?

3 comments on “Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day July 2019

  1. Arun Goyal

    Haemanthus humilis is another genus from haemanthus family where our Football lily or Haemanthus multiflurous is being grown .I wish I could grow peaches in our region …Day lily colors are just all sparkling amazing.Happy Blooms day.

  2. Maureen Melle

    This is not a reply to a previous comment. I just wanted to tell you, John and Beth that I truly enjoy your gardening blog. The photos and the blooms in them are lovely. I know many flowers by the wrong names. Is the red one you’ve posted called a firecracker? My mother grew some red flowers that looked sort of like that and if I remember correctly, that is what we called them.

    1. Maureen Melle

      I am referring to the ones called crocosmia