Nice Note from NARGS and an Opportunity

Adonis amurensis 'Chichibu Beni'

Adonis amurensis ‘Chichibu Beni’

I got a nice note today from Malcolm McGregor who is the editor of the North American Rock Garden Society journal the ‘Rock Garden Quarterly’.  His message was that the above picture of an Adonis from last winter was selected as the the Joint Winner of Class 5 (Close up) in their annual photo contest.  At the same time he said that my photo of a Gymnospermium albertii was given a Highly Commended rating in a different class.

Gymnospermium albertii

Gymnospermium albertii

As a class winner, I am entitled to give a free annual membership to NARGS to the person of my choosing.  If you are harboring an interest in rock garden plants but have not yet taken the plunge, let me know, and if it’s not already been given away, I’ll be happy to give you this opportunity.  Personally I have found the whole NARGS experience — growing plants, exchanging seeds, and reading the excellent journal articles — to be very fulfilling.

Meanwhile, here is the latest little Zephyranthes in the greenhouse to usher in the fall season

Zephyranthes smallii

Zephyranthes smallii

7 comments on “Nice Note from NARGS and an Opportunity

  1. Chava

    Your close-up pictures are all winners in my eyes.

  2. Frank

    Congratulations! It’s a recognition well deserved, both are excellent photos.

  3. Josh Willis

    Congratulations! The photos are beautiful. The rocks behind the Gymnospermium catch the eye, too.
    If you’re still looking for a person to use the membership, I could use it; I’m living in Charlotte now and will be going to the Piedmont chapter in Chapel Hill. Let me know if it’s still available, thank you for posting about it!

    1. jw

      Josh, you got it! I’m sure you will enjoy the Piedmont chapter but we’ll miss you in DC.

  4. Sarah

    Congratulations, John. I’m editing the PVC newsletter, temporarily, and I’d love to mention your award and maybe include the picture? though that might be pre-empting the NARGS quarterly, so maybe I should just tell people it’s coming….? I forget about those photo contests. Somebody should snap up that membership to NARGS ! BTW, next year’s annual meeting is in Steamboat Springs, which aught to be a great chance to see alpines in the Rockies. If it’s anything like the previous Colorado meeting, Steamboat should not be missed.

    1. jw

      I did pass it on to Josh Willis and I’m hoping to get to the Colorado meeting next year. It should be spectacular.

  5. diversifolius

    Congratulations on both! Well deserved.