Spuria – Iris in Excelsis

Iris 'Stella Irene' (Spuria)

Iris ‘Stella Irene’ (Spuria)

Although it’s hard to pick favorites in the Iris family, the Spuria Iris are certainly near the top of my list.  The flowers are exquisite, the foliage fits well in the garden, and they are slowly multiplying each year.  In excelsis translates to the highest degree and the Spurias are literally the highest Iris.  I took a tape measure to Shelford Giant this week and it is over 5 feet tall.

5 foot high Spuria Iris in back bed

5 foot high Spuria Iris in back bed

Iris 'Shelford Giant' (Spuria)

Iris ‘Shelford Giant’ (Spuria)

We missed the Spuria last year because we were traveling.  It’s only about a week for the bloom period but it follows the bearded Iris by a couple of weeks so they are very welcome for that reason as well.

Iris 'Highline Coral' (Spuria)

Iris ‘Highline Coral’ (Spuria)

Iris 'Hocka Hoona' (Spuria)

Iris ‘Hocka Hoona’ (Spuria)

If you haven’t grown Spuria, you should give them a try…