Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day for Oct 2012

Allium thunbergii

Well another Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day rolls around.  I find myself looking at various construction activities so the flowers have not really gotten their fair share of attention.  Besides the Allium illustrated above the combination of Impatiens and Euphorbia is currently an eye grabber.  Neither requires much attention but they work together very well.

Impatiens ‘Fusion’ and Euphorbia ‘Diamond Frost’

The various Toad Lilies are doing well this time of year.  One that is distinctively different is the Trycyrtis perfoliata.

Tricyrtis perfoliata

A flower that is new for us is the terrestrial orchid Spiranthes.

Spiranthes ‘Lady’s Tresses’

We saw it growing wild in Cape May last week as well.

Since this is fall, the mushrooms have been exploding all over the grounds here.

Mushrooms that I don’t eat

In addition to the many mushroom that I don’t want to risk picking the puffballs are appearing too.  Those I am willing to identify and eat.

Puffballs in the grass

Puffballs sliced

grilled puffballs

I don’t advise eating these unless you have someone to help you with the ID.  That said, it is very easy to pick these out and you should be able to readily find a local expert.

Finally, I should mention that we continue to make good progress on the greenhouse.

Progress on the Greenhouse

It’s due to get electricity tomorrow.

3 comments on “Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day for Oct 2012

  1. Lea

    Great GBBD post – I really love the Allium!
    Good to see the progress on the greenhouse.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Lea’s Menagerie

  2. Les

    I never knew puffballs were edible. I once loved, and still do, to kick them and watch the “smoke” pour out.

  3. Scott Weber

    LOVE the Allium thunbergii…I really must add some into my garden next year…so great at this time of year to have some Alliums!