Jan 27 is First Crocus Day

First Crocus of 2012

In keeping with this incredibly warm winter weather we’ve I spied the first crocus poking through the grass today.  We have many spots in the grass where the little species crocus have been tucked so I’ve no idea which one this is.  In any case they provide a little flashy color to kick the year off right.  They are certainly a little bedraggled but I think that goes with being the first flowers ready to risk the elements.

A couple of bedraggled species crocus

Along with the crocus, and certainly much more surprising, I found the first of the Primulas in bloom.

Common Primrose (Primula vulgaris)

We began planting these little springtime jewels after an April trip to England where we saw them growing everywhere in the wild.  EverMay nursery in Maine had them in good supply and within a week of getting home we had our own little yellow and white Primrose in the yard.  But that was April, not January.  I’m really surprised to see these primrose getting such an early start.

We looked for seedlings last year but it seems these guys just like to bunch up into little rosettes and maybe that’s the only way to propagate them short of collecting their seeds.

Primrose rosettes

As a little addendum to the day let me share a picture of the Anemone coronaria ‘Governor’ which I mentioned on Thursday…

Anemone coronaria 'Governor' bud remnant

And such is life for the gardener…

4 comments on “Jan 27 is First Crocus Day

  1. Jonathan Willis

    Oof! Where’s that deer fence?

    1. jw

      Well, I think this may have been squirrel damage. Can’t believe the deer would go looking for a single bud like the anemone.

  2. Lea's Menagerie

    Thanks for you visit and comment on my post for the Salad Challenge. I laughed at your pun (containers, contained)!
    Thanks for the suggestion – Swiss chard is a pretty plant, adds color and texture to the salad – I will try it.