Beginning the New Year

Mardi Gras Apricot Hellebore showing first gorgeous buds

And so the year begins — with a flush of color and many green things poking up through the winter landscape.  Our New Years day was in the fifties, following a pretty warm December.  The Daffodils are waking up all over the yard and presenting their promise of blooms.

Daffodils on the rise

And Trout Lilies have begun to show their tips in the leaves.

Trout lilies rising up

The Japanese Quince is covered in blossoms and buds.

Japanese Quince in early spring attire

The Camellias (both Fall and Spring bloomers) have never really ceased blooming.  Our double Flowered Pink is a japonica but seems to be intent on finishing its spring bloom early.

Double Pink Camellia

There’s even an Anemone coronaria that is proving why they don’t seem to last here on Ball Rd.  It’s way early for this plant.

Anemone coronaria in bud

By the end of New Years Day the sun set in glorious fashion against the horizon leaving a promise of interesting things to come.

Sunset for 1st Day 2012

But all of this growth seems not to have paid much attention to the weatherman.  As I sit today, there have been snow flurries, the daytime max is going to be around 31 degrees with a prediction of 16 degrees for tonight.  It’s like a quick slap across the face for the plants that have forgotten about winter and then like a tease the temps should go up to the fifties again by the end of the week.

In a post script I should mention that we had a curious visitor last week.  A small Cooper’s Hawk was in the garden sitting on the ground.

Cooper's Hawk all fluffed out

When we approached him he was very loath to be disturbed by us.  We wondered whether he was sick.  Then after posing in very hawk-like fashion he lifted off into the air with all his capabilities seemingly in place.

Cooper's Hawk (immature)

It did give me a chance to try out my new camera… 🙂



4 comments on “Beginning the New Year

  1. Randy

    Been way too long my friend! Looks almost like spring there. We have Hellebore niger and stinking hellebore in bloom right now, 5 other hellebore’s are budding out. The Coopers Hawk photos are awesome great lighting too.

  2. Les

    We have had crazy weather and crazy blooms here as well. I never thought I would say this, but I wish it would get a little colder and stay that way for a while, just so we can have a normal spring.

  3. Melissa Clark

    What’s the new camera?????
    Lovely camellia and hawk shots. From a landscape designer’s point of view, it’s way too early for even snowdrops to be thinking of coming up, but what can you do . . .

    1. jw

      Well, I’ve upgraded to a Canon 7D which allows me to push the ISO further than I could in the past. If my pictures are not sharp, well composed and generally pleasing it won’t be because of the equipment… 🙂