Easter Morning Mist

Easter Morning Mist

I awoke this morning to a lovely morning mist overhanging the hills.  I grabbed my camera and wandered down through the yard in the direction of the woods.  Photography always presents that challenge of preserving some vision as the light is changing.  In this case the ground was wet and the leaves all sparkling from an overnight rain seemed to promise opportunities.

Easter Morning in the front yard

The daffodils all provided tempting targets for my camera.

Daffodils in the morning

But I had in mind the taking advantage of the woods at first light.

Woods at first light

Woodland Trail

And where I ended up was at the Fairy Circle, a clearing in the woods that we have frequented since my kids were, well kids (they are very grown now).

Bench in the Fairy Circle

This will be my entry into the April Gardening Gone Wild Picture This Contest with it’s theme of Let’s Talk About Light.

5 comments on “Easter Morning Mist

  1. Donna

    All your images are winners Mac. I do love the first one with the mist. Something so ethereal about it.

  2. Donna

    Opps, sorry John.

  3. Aerie-el

    I can imagine sitting there on the bench in the fairy circle, viewing all the magic around me. Wonderful! Good luck with the contest.

  4. forest

    Magical shots. Especially the first and the last. Mesmerizing!

  5. Les

    How appropriate to have such a view on Easter Sunday. My favorite is the next to last one with the path curving through the landscape and through the photo.