Belated Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day

Bougainvillea against the window

Well, not only am I late with assessing the mid-Winter blooms but I have little to add in terms of flowers for this day.  The Bougainvillea above is one of two that have been flowering since November.  Now that is not surprising for people in California, Texas, or Florida.  But in Maryland it’s definitely a more anomalous occurrence.  Some plants respond better than others to lavish exposure to sun and water in the warmer months and then the subsequent trip to the dungeon for the winter.  Those which do flower under such treatment get to live in the sunlit dining room for as long as they hold forth.  The Bougainvilleas seem to have gotten the message.  This is the best they have ever flowered in many years of mistreatment.

Outside, however, we are still limited to the lovely snowdrops which I mentioned in my last post.  You would think that someone else would follow their example.  If one looks outside it’s not too promising.

Backyard in mid-January

While temperatures are typically in the thirties, on a sunny day you can talk yourself into looking about for signs of spring.  Indeed the daffodils near the deck are poking their way up above the ground.

Daffodil tips emerging

But realistically nothing is likely to happen until we can more reliably see days in the 40’s.  Year after year I look for the first crocus just about 5 weeks from now, when the pitchers and catchers report for the beginning of the baseball season and my oldest son has his birthday — all three very momentous events.  In between we can expect to see the witch hazel start to show some color, the buds on the Magnolia start to pop, the winter aconite begin to show some color, and, if we are very good to one another, the first buds from the adonis.

In the meantime, we will say goodbye to the now fading Miltonia Orchid which has been sharing its blooms with us since Christmas.

Miltonia Orchid

If you would like to see what other gardeners are seeing in their gardens right now I encourage you to go to Carol’s Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day report.

Or you can settle back with your seed catalogs spread out on the table and read Marianne’s delightful take on the winter landscape in her small town garden column in today’s Frederick Post.

One comment on “Belated Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day

  1. Jan (Thanks for today.)

    Hooray for your daffodils! I must have very late-blooming daffs, as there is not a one yet poking it’s little head above the ground at this time. I will say, though, just yesterday I wandered through the garden and found 3 hellebore buds! Don’t know why, out of all the helleborus plants I have in the garden, only one of them is putting out buds. But it is…so I simply marvel at nature’s surprises!