Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day for October 2010

Anemone hybrida 'Whirlwind' (Japanese Anemone)

I missed last month’s bloom day posting in part because of the pathetic state of the garden after of summer of drought.  At least this month there are some flowers worth sharing for Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day.  The above white Japanese Anemone has just started to flower.  We’ve had the pink flowered ‘September Charm’ for many years but I was struck by the white flowers that my children have in Boston — so we’re very pleased to see these appearing.

Another flower influenced by our northern branch is the Toad Lily.

Tricyrtis 'Tapei Silk' (Toad lily)

I must admit I didn’t fully appreciate these when I first saw them.  They take a fair part of the season to get going but by this time of year they are terrific.  They are really appreciated best when you look at the flower detail.  This particular variety is quite aggressive and seems to have handled the drought just fine.

Toad Lilies in abundance

Maybe the theme this month should be flowers that we’ve imported from the kids in Boston.

Aster Tataricus

We have the Tatarian Aster growing on the hillside.  It tends to be a bit unruly with very large leaves but the combination of the multiple purple flowers with the vivid yellow centers is really very striking.  I recommend them if you have some space.

Another Boston import is a Dahlia that we brought down from tuber divisions in Boston.

Dahlia 'Ginger Snap'

Dahlias really shine as we go into the crisp fall weather.

Dahlia 'Arabian Night'

My favorite new Dahlia is this very dark red, ‘Arabian Night’.

And a winner for us all year long has been this seed-grown Celosia.

Celosia 'Flamingo Feather'

It just flowers and flowers — and the butterflies love these blooms too.  There are some others blooming now too, but let me close with a Rose.

Rose 'Charles Darwin'

This is a David Austin rose that has many delightful stages of satisfaction, from the early bud to the petals falling.

If you go to May Dreams Gardens you can see the postings from many other gardeners sharing the monthly update on their flowers in bloom this day.  Enjoy.

4 comments on “Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day for October 2010

  1. Larry

    These are really lovely photos… particularly the anemone! Glad I had an opportunity to visit! L

  2. Les

    Every year I am amazed by my patch of Tricyrtis. They always bloom as everything else is winding down; the flowers are as showy as any orchid; they are incredibly drought and shade tolerant; and they live a long time for a perennial.

    1. jw

      And I see from a google search of Tricyrtis images that there a lot of other colors to experiment with as well. It’s why gardens are always too small…

  3. Scott Weber

    Nice post! Love the Anemone and the Celosia! I’m with you on the Toad Lilies, I think I’m just starting to appreciate them this year, in the past I didn’t care for them much.