The Eagle Flies on Friday

Bald Eagle

The “eagle flies on Friday” referred to payday in T-Bone Walker’s classic blues song “Stormy Monday”.  In my case the Eagles flew on Saturday.  A pair of the them flew overhead marking the first time I have ever seen eagles from our perch on Ball Rd.  They are magnificent large birds in flight and it was a spectacular reward for getting up early and going out to my bird watching chair at the bottom of the garden.

Throughout this year, which has tested my fortitude on the gardening side (pests to the right of him, drought to the left of him, onward he blundered), watching the birds has a redeemed my investment of time and patience with many new discoveries.  In particular, I’ve found that long after the fruit has disappeared from the mulberry tree it still acts as a haven for bird life.  I don’t think I ever looked as carefully during the summer to fall transition and I probably just never noticed the many little birds that pass through as a part of their migration.

A few years ago I saw, just once, a scarlet tanager in full color.  Now, each time a cardinal flashes by, I keep expecting to see a tanager again.  What I hadn’t anticipated is that all that flashy red color disappears by fall and when the tanager came by I had to do a fair amount of research to discover that was the pretty yellow visitor.

Scarlet Tanager

At one point I saw him eating and I fervently hope this is a stink bug that he has captured.

Scarlet Tanager with bug

Can it be a stink bug?

It has been a pleasure to see new birds (to me at least) several times a week.  Clearly there is a limit to this realm of discovery but it does amaze me how frequently new faces are showing up here.  The warblers and flycatchers all have the characteristic of rapid motion in the tree and photographing them is a challenge.  And then, even when I have the picture, determining the identity of birds which are perhaps most easily distinguished by their song is even more difficult.  I will share some of the images with the clear invitation that if you can better identify these visitors I am open to suggestions.

Black and White Warbler

Blue-headed Vireo

Pine Warbler

American Redstart female

Common Yellowthroat

Eastern Phoebe

Eastern Wood Peewee

Least Flycatcher

Northern Parula

Yellow-rumped Warbler?

Common Yellowthroat female or juvenile?

3 comments on “The Eagle Flies on Friday

  1. Jan (Thanks For Today)

    John, you certainly have seen a wide variety of ‘unusual’ (to me, too!) birds. I haven’t ever seen them in VA but perhaps they’ve flown through here and I just didn’t take notice. I also want to congratulate you on your Gold from the Picture This contest!

  2. carolyn

    so many lovely birds john, I especially like the peewee

  3. Meredehuit?

    Such lovely birds. How fortunate to have camera in hand as that eagle flew over. We often see unusual types of birds both in the Autumn and the Spring as they migrate.