A Favorite Garden

Wild Garden, King John's Lodge

The Gardening Gone Wild Photo Contest for August asks that we submit a gardening image from our travels (“On the Road Again”).  Since our travels this summer were more about nature per se than man-made gardens I’ve gone back to one of my favorite gardens for my submission to the photo contest.  Two years ago we had the privilege of visiting about a dozen outstanding gardens in England during the heights of springtime.  Even though we went to some of the best-known gardens in England one of the most memorable was that of the lodge we stayed at in East Sussex.  King John’s Lodge goes back to the 14th century and has been lovingly restored.  Although we were able to stay there at the time, it looks to me as though it is only open for tours now.  In any case I highly recommend it if you find yourself in the area.

Although the vista from some angles make it appear quite grand it’s actually got a wonderful simplicity which is part of the appeal.

King John's Lodge

There are almost 8 acres altogether set in a wonderful stretch of English countryside.  You can wander the grounds on paths that go past ponds, woods, surprising sculptures, and cultivated gardens.

A sunlit Pond

Artwork along the path

Looking out from the back steps into the garden

But what really enchanted me each morning as I walked around before breakfast was the ‘wild garden’ which had a meadow filled with small fruit trees, ‘found objects’, arbors, and paths mowed between seemingly random bulbs and wild flowers.  You have to imagine that walking these paths was accompanied by the sounds of the birds and barnyard animals.  It was a wonderfully bucolic scene that totally hid the efforts that must have gone into its creation and maintenance.

The Wild Garden

More Flowers in the Wild Garden

6 comments on “A Favorite Garden

  1. healingmagichands

    I haven’t been in England since 1970, and it is clear that I need to go back there and spend at least a month visiting gardens. I love this series of photographs, and your entry photo is stunningly gorgeous. I want that statue!

  2. Donna

    The gardens and the trip were spectacular I am sure. The naturalistic gardens are heavenly and the art made these spots.

  3. Les

    I love the unmanicured look of this place, and can’t help but think that is what most gardens looked like back in the day when sheep cut your grass and straight clean edges were only for the rich.

  4. Melissa

    I’m so envious! The slightly run-to-seed while at the same time obviously lovingly-tended feel of the garden is so evident. And that’s a great shot for you GGW entry. Good luck!

  5. Tatyana

    Wonderful place. I love everything there – old trees, water, urnes… The third image from the bottom took my breath away!

  6. Wendy

    This is a beautiful garden. I would love to get out there. Someday…

    I love that clear and sunlit pond – looks magical.