Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day March 2010

Dwarf Iris (Iris histroides) 'George'

Well, it’s Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day for March.  In the custom established by May Dreams Gardens I surveyed the hilltop today to see what might be in bloom.  Since I went over many of the blooming plants in yesterday’s post I will only describe the additions.  We have had 3 days of incessant rain so there haven’t been that many more plants coming into bloom in the last couple of days.  Walking around our sponge-like grass I did find a few — like the little Dwarf Iris pictured above.  This was one of last December’s plantings.  I was glad to see its startling purple color because two of its neighbors were dug up and then discarded.  I’ve seen that happen even with Daffodils where the animals don’t really want to eat what they find but the dig it up nonetheless.  Just imagine what that flower would look like in the sunshine.

Because we had to replace our water heater I needed to move a couple of the plants out of the basement earlier than usual.  One was this beautiful Star Jasmine.

Star Jasmine (Jasminum multiflorum)

The fragrance is everything that you would expect from a Jasmine.  The overall plant exceeds my ability to lift so that each year becomes a little more trying for moving it in and out of the basement.  I’ll watch the nightly lows and take it back in again if need be but it should be good down to 25 degrees.

Lastly, the fall blooming Camellia Sasanqua is still putting out blooms at every given opportunity.

Camellia sasanqua still blooming

What a wonderful long-blooming plant.

I should mention that the first Daffodil also bloomed on the hillside but my faithful companion picked it before I could get a good picture.  So we are enjoying its fragrance and color on the inside…

7 comments on “Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day March 2010

  1. Brad

    I’ve never really paid attention to how jasmine flowers look. I’m more interested in their smell. Beautiful. And I love the shot of the iris with all the raindrops. Happy bloom day.

  2. Jeannie in Sacramento

    lovely pictures…was especially interested in the wee yellow flowers, whose name, unfortunately, I can’t remember!

  3. joco

    You have multi- and I only nudi-
    How I would love a cutting.
    Wish I could tell my histroides from danfordiae and reticulata.
    Recovered from your trip and are all the plants safely in the ground?

  4. Darla

    Nice blooms here. Our star jasmine takes freezing weather like a champ.

  5. Nell Jean

    The first daffodil deserves to come inside to be enjoyed. The photos of the 14th are wonderful, too.

  6. Town Mouse

    Happy bloom day, John! That Iris looks so pretty.

    thanks for sharing

  7. Randy

    Looks like things are into spring already there! That snow drop photo is awesome. Enjoyed them all in fact.