Goodbye Sarasota

Larger than life figures on the Sarasota waterfront

One more baseball game today then heading home to assess the progress of springtime there.  In the meantime I’ve been keeping my little treasures from Plant Delights happy in the motel room here.

Watering the plants as they travel

For those who have asked, the set of new acquisitions include

A Yellow-eyed grass,  four unusual Hellebores, 2 small Ranuculus, a hardy Rosemary, Corydalis ‘Blackberry Wine’, a very frizzy Lady Fern, False Freesia, Iris unguicularis, a startlingly pretty Acanthus mollis with gold edges, a hardy orchid Calanthe ‘Kozu Spice’, Iris Japonica ‘Wuhan Angel, Gladiolus ‘Priscilla’, 2 new Euphorbias, and a very pretty little dwarf Calamint.  Also there is a three gallon Daphne odora that jumped into the car at the last minute…

2 comments on “Goodbye Sarasota

  1. Noelle/azplantlady

    Okay, I love that you have recently purchased plants in your hotel bathtub – it is something that would do. I hope you have fun planting them when you get home.

  2. Les

    Considering how willing daphne is to die, jumping is a good thing.