Thawing out

I took a walk around the grounds yesterday to see what was emerging.  The first thing that caught my eye was that the snow has melted off half of the deck revealing the little three gallon pot of Witch Hazel and its straps of flowers seem to be no worse for the weight of snow that has been on them for more than two weeks.

Witch Hazel (Hamamelis x intermedia) 'Diane' after the snow

Seeing its bright red flowers as a real portent of the spring to come makes it even more important that I find the right place to plant this one in the yard.  We need a spot where it will be noticed throughout January and February.  Of course its close relative the Chinese Witch Hazel is also continuing to be a bright spot in the yard.  And it is so very much more appreciated this year.

Chinese Witch Hazel (Hamamelis mollis) with its straps unfurled

Mostly the ground is still covered with snow. I can finally see the top of my the small bench in the backyard that we bought for our granddaughter.

Aoife's bench

But there are a very few places in protected locations where there is actual soil visible.  And in one of those I can see the first leaves of a Primula emerging.  Hurrah!

Primula x polyantha emerging

It’s raining tonight and if we get enough gentle rain I’m hopeful that will wash some snow away.  I’d certainly like to be able to assess the damage to the evergreens which have been flattened for the last two weeks.

Daphne flattenitus

2 comments on “Thawing out

  1. Les

    I think my main problem with snow is that it sometimes sticks around long after I am through enjoying it.

  2. joco

    ‘flattenitus’ is right 🙂
    Those red witch hazel streamers are hardly believable. Know what? I think I like them better in your pictures than I do in real life. I was tempted by some small trees in the nursery, but then I looked at the price. I wonder if us ordinary folk can grow them from a cutting.
    Now, whom I know that has……