Winter Light

The theme for the Gardening Gone Wild Picture This photo contest for February is “Winter Light”.  The pictures will be judged by Roger Foley who has quite a lot of experience with garden photography.  I recommend visiting the Gardening Gone Wild site just to see the submissions from a host of garden bloggers.  From previous experience many of these photos will be very interesting.

With all the snow that we have had this year the word Winter takes on a different connotation than it has in the past.  I mean, cmon, I expect crocuses to appear by tomorrow and it just ain’t gonna happen.  Well, it could happen but there’s no way I would see them under the snowpack.  Because of this theme I have been paying more attention to the various kinds of light amidst all the shoveling and plowing.  There was the full-blooded sunshine on February 7th with the afternoon sun creating a delightful postcard scene.  And I also posted a memorable sunset in January that would also qualify for “Winter Light”

But the particular picture that seemed most appropriate for the theme was taken late on the afternoon of February 6th.  Just after the megastorm had completed its multi-feet deposit of snow, the sun, barely breaking through the clouds, came out in sort of diffuse glow.  I guess that after a day and a half of heavy snow the light was more than magical that afternoon…

Late Afternoon Light

8 comments on “Winter Light

  1. Les

    What haunting light. It looks almost as if the snow surface on the ground has a differing light source than the clouded sun.

    It’s a contenda’!

  2. joco

    That’s right!
    Blame the weather on the judge 🙂
    Well, whatever thoughts I had harboured about entering this month have now gone out of the window, after seeing this beauty.

  3. Melissa

    A very nice shot! Good luck with the contest. Roger’s great to work with – you should look into next fall’s workshop at Chanticleer which will be taught by him and Alan Detrick. Details are on the Chanticleer website.

  4. Kelly@LifeOutOfDoors

    What a shot! You were in the right place at the right time for sure. I can’t wait to see which shots win – I think this might be up there. Thanks so much for visiting my site and for the kind words. I know what a privilege it is to be close to so many amazing public gardens. But you’ve got land, it looks like! I must say I’m jealous about that. Best of luck, Kelly

  5. Jan (ThanksForToday)

    It is a wonderful scene, John…it somehow seems to resemble a Thomas Kinkaid painting;-)

  6. bloominrs

    This a gorgeous photo and what a setting. But you’ve got me wondering what is buried under that hill of snow on the left.
    I really like the postcard photo too where the chairs are half buried.

    1. jw

      Thanks for visiting. Just to end the suspense — since it may be a while before the snow melts off — under the curious little hill of snow on the left is actually the last load of mulch I brought in when I optimistically thought of getting an early start on the spring chores…

  7. bloominrs

    Mystery solved. Your pile of mulch is very artfully placed. As beautiful as your snow covered landscape is, I hope you get to see your mulch again soon.