And didn’t it snow!

Hillside after the Feb 6 storm

It is hard to believe that just ten days ago I was in sunny California gardening in a tee-shirt.  There was a brief snowstorm just before I came back that Beth managed to clear from the driveway by herself.  One should always have a tractor or a wife for such occasions.  And then another one of 4 to 5 inches midweek.  Followed by the megastorm over the weekend.  And just when we thought we had exceeded all expectations yet another one hit the mid-Atlantic.  And Frederick was just about storm-central for the last two.  The good part is that we have holiday pictures for years to come.

We had lots of warning for the megastorm so we got supplies in and settled back to watch.

White Pine in the backyard as the snow was falling

From the back door you could see the normal outlines of our backyard.

Picnic Table by the Cherry Tree on Friday afternoon

And by Sunday morning we had a quite different scene.

Picnic table hump

It helped that we have the Kubota tractor but even so this took some serious digging.

Digging out with the Kubota

And then by Tuesday and Wednesday we did a reprise of the snowstorm — this time with wind.  We were still well prepared as long as power persisted (which it did) and we had logs for the fireplace.

How to spend a snowstorm

And we kept the birds well fed, though I think they honestly wanted to come inside.

Titmouse in snow

This morning the aftermath of the two big storms left us with a very wintry look, more like our northern neighbors.

Snow on the deck

Frontyard after 2nd snow

Backyard after second snowstorm

We are dug out once again and we still have some staggering icicles hanging down from the roof.  So much for the added insulation we put in last year.

Serious icicles

And where indeed are those lovely little snowdrops and the first Winter Aconite buds that I saw before I went to Calif…

First Winter Aconite buds on Jan 25th

6 comments on “And didn’t it snow!

  1. joco

    What a contrast for you.
    Still,there is something decidely satisfying about riding out a ‘catastrophe’ while all creature comforts are still in place, don’t you think?
    Really, we are just playing at hardship. But still, the contrast with the normality of everyday amenities being available is quite refreshing.

    The icicles made me smile. They surely must be the longest ever? And the red chairs shone again centerstage.

    1. jw

      Well, the icicles are longer yet and the first solid leaking from the ice dam above is showing up. We’ve never had this much on the roof before…

  2. Noelle/azplantlady

    I enjoyed your wintery pictures very much. The before and after with the picnic table really shows how much snow you have received. I love the photo with the two red adirondack chairs best :^)

  3. Les

    Like the others, I love the red chairs. Were they photographed in Aspen, Vail or Frederick?

    1. jw

      A friend has suggested that I need to do a thorough photographic study of the red chairs through the seasons. Probably one of the best investments we’ve ever made. The idea came from a visit to Chanticleer near Philadelphia and the adirondack chairs came from Land’s End.

  4. Jan (ThanksForToday)

    Hi John, great description of your storms…you guys may have gotten a little more than we did in the final result…I think that last one brought you a couple more inches than us. Overall though, we’ve had a LOT. I haven’t posted anything about the 2nd blizzard but I put up a slideshow of the first ‘megastorm’ as you called it. Of course, there were a couple of snows before that but they were nothing in comparison, as you know!! I hope your snowdrops and other winter-blooming bulbs will survive for you:-) I’m still pretty much a hermit in hiding, since we still have so much snow on the ground. I just prefer to sit by the fire, wrapped up in a blanket, which is what I see you all did, as well!!